Level III Credit Card Processing Solution For Credit Card Terminals

Revolution payments can help your company submit Level III Credit Card Processing Solution for Credit Card Terminals.

This is a game changer for businesses who process through credit card machines since terminals do not have the memory capable of sending level III line item detail.   With Visa and MasterCard tacking on additional interchange fees that range from 80 to 150 basis points, and happens before a processor ads their fee.   Those using terminals will always pay more than needed, until now!

Our optimization service will automatically detect transactions eligible to qualify for level II and Level III interchange rates.  Everyone of your transactions is optimized to the lowest possible interchange rate. Credit card processing fees are a part of doing business however, their are programs in place that can help you reduce these fees.

With the low profit margins earned from processors the focus should be on interchange qualification. Interchange amounts to at least 80% of the fees you pay to accept credit cards.  This program can effectively lower your cost by 30%-40%

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