High Ticket Interchange Program

February 26, 2016

  If you receive large ticket credit card orders from clients, the High Ticket Interchange Program can significantly  reduce your transaction cost.   Visa Purchasing Card-Non GSA/Corporate transaction greater than or equal to $8,725 ( 1.45% +$35.00 ) Large Ticket Advantage Only Card Not Present Transactions $10,000.01 – $25,000            …

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What is Level-3 Processing

February 26, 2016

Level 3 Processing is a more advanced way of accepting commercial and government cards.   It defines detailed information about the transaction such as, what is being purchased, who is involved and how it takes place.   Your Commercial, Purchase and Government Cards are falling into one of three interchange categories; Level-1, Level-2 or Level-3.  This is…

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How to Reduce your transaction cost for accepting commercial cards

February 25, 2016

Passing Level-2 and Level-3 Detail on the commercial, corporate, fleet, purchasing and government cards your accepting can reduce your transaction cost by 40%. Savings is further enhanced for: GSA transactions $5,984.61> Interchange is 1.20% + $39 Non GSA $8,725> Interchange is ( 1.45% +$35.00 ) this varies whether it’s a V/MC Which qualify for Large…

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